Green Thumb is dedicated to providing professional and knowledgeable lawn care services that create beautiful lawnscapes of which we can all be proud. We guarantee satisfaction! If the results of any application are not satisfactory, please call us. We’ll re-apply that application or refund the cost of that application.

We apply five main treatments as part of our annual program that include fertilizer, as well as weed, insect and grub control. Our lawn experts will check in on your lawn between treatments to make sure treatment applications have been effective and show the desired results. As a Green Thumb customer, your annual contract also gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of our technicians, who may recommend optional as-needed services such as a soil analysis, spot seeding, or lime treatment.

Our Planned Lawn Services For The Season Include:

1. Spring – April 23 – June 3

Fertilization: Nitrogen for spring green-up and potash for root development. Pre-emergent crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

2. Early Summer – June 4 – July 15

Fertilization: Slow release nitrogen and potash for long-lasting green and summer hardiness. Pre/Post emergent crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed, surface insect and grub control as needed.

3. Late Summer – July 16 – Aug 26

Fertilization: Summer weed controls, post emergent crabgrass control. Chinch bug, sod webworm and grub controls as needed.

4. Early Fall – Aug 27 – Oct 7

Fertilization: Nitrogen, potash, iron, and micro-nutrients to feed and revitalize your lawn from the stress of summer. Weed, grub, and insect control as needed.

5. Late Fall – Oct 8 – Nov 16

Dormant Fertilization: Nitrogen for winter hardiness and potash for strong root development. Weed and insect control as needed.

(Per DEC: the first 3 weeks are called ‘expected service dates’, the last 3 weeks are ‘alternate’ dates.)

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Per DEC: “The property owner or owner’s agent may request the specified date or dates of the application(s) to be provided and, if so requested, the pesticide applicator or business must inform of the specific dates and include that date or dates in the contract.”

We need your help! Insect controls need to be watered in to be effective. We will leave the product label instructions for watering applied pesticides and you agree to assume this watering responsibility. Together, we will create a healthy green lawn.

This agreement will remain in force until the end of the calendar year. After the first season, you will receive notification of any price and date changes. Renewal of this contract must be verified in writing each spring. If not verified, service will be discontinued.

This contract may be cancelled in writing at any time by either the purchaser or the provider. On cancellation of service, any balance owed is immediately due and payable. If necessary, reasonable attorney fees will be paid by purchaser for collection of any balances.

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